e-motion [v]

Hinged lamella windows insulation glazed for vertical facades

e-motion [v40]

PG [v40]

Description of the product group


System Description

  • High thermally insulated 2-part window frame made of aluminium profiles with 40 mm front thickness all around. For inspection purposes, it would be possible to remove the internal part without tools. No connection elements will be visible from the inside. The whole mechanism to swivel open has been covered in the vertical mullion, extremely smoothly running and it is very economical with low power requirement.


  • Linear guiding mounted on ball casters with fittings made of stainless steel, lift the lamella from the sealing and swivel the bottom of the lamella open to the outside. Wear due to relative movement of abrading sealing lips is being excluded.


  • The two sealing levels are formed overlapping. The corresponding horizontal level drains the vertical level downward. Water on the external sealing level is directly deflected outside. Condensate on the internal sealing level has been drained in the mullion / transom system by the clamping adapter below. The sealing is made of silicone or EPDM overlapping at the joint or using moulded parts.


  • The lamella wing frame is designed of thermally separated aluminium profiles with a clamping thickness of up to 50 mm exclusively for 3-fold insulation glazing or panel filling.


  • A motor on each window opens up to a 10 sqm window surface. Optionally, it would be possible to generate status signals or travel to defined intermediate positions.


Technical Features

Profile Details:

Front thickness from the inside

Profile depth about

Clamping depth

Clamping thickness standard

Integrated fitting technique made of stainless steel

Lamella height:

Element sizes:


Opening angle:



Tightness during driving rain according to EN 12208

Air tightness according to EN 12207

Wind load according to EN 12210

Sound protection Rw

Natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilators according to EN 12101-2

e-motion [v40]


40 mm

70 mm

18 mm

40 mm



From 200 mm to 600 mm

Wide AK frame at least from 350 mm to max. 2.700 mm

Depending on the lamella height ranging up to 85 degrees.


E 900


Class 3


Class C3/B3

40 dB with standard glazing


Case examples