simple [v]

Single glazed lamella windows for vertical facades

simple [v50]

s [v50]

Weather protection facade system


Equipment Options

System Description

  • The facade with weather protection simple [v50] is a self-supporting system of high flexibility. Staircases, parking levels or technical centres are possible application examples.
  • It is possible to operate facade elements of up to 4x4 m with one drive. All drive elements, including the motor, are invisibly integrated in the 2-shell aluminium frame.
  • The lamellas are held on suction and pressure point by point (if applicable, its approval shall be required in each individual case).
  • For spans >1500 mm an additional support mullion will be required.
  • The glazing can be performed up to a width of about 4 m in one piece. Highest flexibility also regarding the lamella joint: stepped, flush to the surface or scaled.
Technical Features

Profile Details:

Front thickness from the inside

Profile depth about

Clamping depth

Clamping thickness standard

Integrated fitting technique made of stainless steel

Lamella height:

Element sizes:


Opening angle:



Tightness during driving rain according to EN 12208

Air tightness according to EN 12207

Wind load according to EN 12210

Sound protection Rw

Natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilators according to EN 12101-2

simple [v50]


50 mm

120 mm

12 mm



From 250 mm to 800 mm

Wide AK frame at least from 450 mm to max. 5.000 mm

Depending on the lamella height ranging up to 90 degrees


Not tested


Not tested


Not tested

Not tested




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